Saturday, 18 July 2009

About me, Lazybird

Bon jour. I am Lazybird. I live in Paris. I like absinthe and shoes. When I was young my family moved to Paris so my father could find work. He was a very clever - 'owyousay - plumber? A man who works with pipes and toilettes? D'accord. Anyway, my mother was not happy and ran back to the country. My father worked long hours and sang in bars at night to make extra money. One day, when I was 11, he was knocked off his bicyclette near the Arc de Triomphe. When he awoke in the hospital he was sure he was Elvis Presley. (It's not so strange, he has very dark hair). Anyway, he never recovered from this illusion and in a few years he went to America wanting to please his fans. I think I saw him one night on télévision. It was a programme about Skydiving Elvises in Las Vegas. Unfortunately I couldn't see very well because the Japanese Elvis was in the way. And so. Lazybird found herself in Paris at the age of 13, alone. I did what I could. I was young and energetic. I danced and worked in restaurants and sang. And other things. I married when I was 19 to a business man but he was older than me by quite a lot and died. So then I was alone again at 33.

Now I am late 30-something. (Of course it is the truth! Oof you are funny!) I have seen so many things and I believe that life is strange but also rich, do you agree? Let's be open to experience. She is a teacher and a beautiful friend - but let's remain the mistress of our destiny and our choice of experience, too. You don't need to go inside a lion's cage in a zoo to know what that is like.

These days I spend my time hunting for love and lovers, seeing my friends, and watching people. All of these things give me opportunities to reflect on the things I have felt, and shared, and seen and so I write them here as my diary and as advice when you have troubles. I hope one day you can buy my books and come to say hello at a fabulous book signing in a bar. Oh what fun! I wish it!

A bientot, Lzb